How much & how long should I take acidophilus after a Lemonade Diet fast?

How much & how long should I take acidophilus after a Lemonade Diet fast?

After a Lemonade Diet fast, how much & how long should I take acidophilus?Q. After doing a “lemonade diet” liquid fast, how much and how long I should take the acidophilus? I am very interested in your product as it does not have casein, which was my main concern.

A. I’m not a fan of the “lemonade diet” for cleansing. What kind of lemonade? How about doing a healthy detoxification fast which includes fresh vegetable juice and a little fruit juice with lots of water each day? You can make your juice at home or get some freshly made in a health food store. There are several books on Juice Fasting which explain everything you should do. One book I recommend is Dr. Paavo Airola’s famous one on Juice Fasting.

Or, you should consider doing our complete detoxification “Internal Cleansing Kit” by Blessed Herbs. It’s an incredible program for 21 days, and very thorough to detox your whole body and organs not just your intestines. We’ve all done it here at Rockwell Nutrition.

I highly recommend you take our dairy/casein free HLC Synbiotic Intensive probiotics powder both during and after your cleanse. Ideally, you would take 1/2 packet twice daily for 2 weeks, and then continue on a maintenance dose with HLC High Potency capsules 2 per day or HLC High Potency Powder 1/2 tsp per day depending on your preference of caps or powder.

Please read about our HLC Probiotics here.

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