How much DHA should I take during my pregnancy?

How much DHA should I take during my pregnancy?

DHA intake during pregnancyQ. My doctor started me on 300mg of DHA Omega-3 during my pregnancy. I’m unsure of the quality of this product and of the dosing. What do you recommend?

A. I recommend you take more than what your Doctor has you taking. Research on the wide range of benefits Omega-3s during pregnancy is incredible and it might be worth your time to have a look at the summaries of the clinical trials: Pregnancy research on Omega-3s

Based on these dosing studies and benefits, I recommend you take 1,000mg of DHA per day (2 teaspoons) in combination with EPA. These two Omega-3 ingredients should be taken together and are found naturally in Fish Oil such as Cod Liver Oil. If you take the liquid, it can be mixed into a smoothie, or into yogurt, applesauce, or right off the spoon.

I would also recommend taking 1 Tablespoon (= 3 tsp) of Finest Pure Cod Liver Oil by Pharmax. Quality of the fish oils you take is of utmost importance. Never choose an inexpensive brand that does not do quality control testing since they might skip the purification process and the oils may be full of mercury and dioxins which are harmful to your fetus.

As for multi-vitamins, I recommend the DFH Twice Daily Prenatal packets and alternate these with the Before Baby Boost Prenatal System by Sound Formulasto see which one you feel better on. They are both very complete formulas and far superior and more complete than doctor prescribed prenatals. You can read from ourpregnancy nutrition section.

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