How long can I take Herbal GI and HMF Probiotics?

How long can I take Herbal GI and HMF Probiotics?

 HMF Probiotics and Herbal GIQ: I’ve been using Herbal GI for awhile, is it safe to be using this formula over a long period of time? Should I try cutting down the dosage? I have excess acid (proven by tests) & I also have bouts of colitis. I also take HMF Forte Probiotic capsules, again same questions can you take it for long periods of time.

A: Herbal GI Formula can be used as long as it well tolerated by you. This product has been helpful for digestive issues, but some people who have gastroesophageal reflux disease do not tolerate peppermint well, though this is per individual. This product has a little bit of peppermint leaf, but not as strong as the oil of peppermint, so hopefully would not be problematic for you and your acid problem. Peppermint can also result in allergy/hypersensitivity for some, and should not be used, if this is the case.
As for the dosage: 2 caps, twice daily, if this is too strong, try cutting back to 1 capsule 2-3 times daily with a meal.

HMF Forte Probiotic capsules are very beneficial for most people to take daily for long-term good intestinal health, especially in those who suffer from intestinal disease. HMF probiotics are human-strain derived, and have superior adherence to the intestinal wall than dairy, soil or vegetable cultured probiotics.

Probiotics are measured in CFU’s – which is the measurement of how many beneficial organisms the probiotics provides. HMF Forte is a moderate-level maintenance probiotic providing apporx. 8 billion CFU per serving. You can remain on this dosage to maintain a healthy intestinal digestive system. However if you were looking to reduce your CFU servings HMF capsules provide a low-level maintenance of 4 billion CFU, however, people with intestinal issues usually have better outcomes when taking higher levels of probiotics over-time.

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