How does Allicillin differ from other garlic products such as Kyolic?

How does Allicillin differ from other garlic products such as Kyolic?

 Difference of garlic product Allicillin and other garlic products like KyolicQ. What is the difference between your garlic product Allicillin and other garlic products like Kyolic?

A. I have personally used Kyolic in the past in practice with very minimal results. At that time, I was unaware of the importance of processing involved in capturing the very fragile portion of garlic which contains all the anti-microbial activity. The method of processing is of utmost importance. I have personally worked with clients who’ve experienced borderline miraculous results with Allicillin, by DFH when neither anti-biotics (pharmaceutical) nor other garlic supplements have made a dent in the bacterial infection suffered.

There is extensive research involved in producing and measurable results with Allicillin. Below is some literature by Designs for Health, who is a top-ranked nutraceutical company in the country.

“Garlic has thousands of studies documenting its effectiveness in treating everything from the common cold to MRSA pharmaceutical drug resistant bacterial infections. Now, thanks to advanced patented technology from Europe, we are able to truly capture and stabilize garlic’s most therapeutic ingredient, allicin.

Allicillin™ contains 300 ppm of stabilized Allisure™ allicin, the equivalent of 40 cloves of garlic. Even more impressive, Allicillin™ stable allicin is able to survive the digestive process—unlike the unstable “allicin potential” of all common garlic powder products which often won’t survive the stomach or ever be transformed into true allicin. Allisure™ allicin needs no conversion in your body, it’s body ready. Ask us for the exciting new research on the unique power of this specialized garlic extract or published human clinical trials. The Allisure™ active allicin in Allicillin™ capsules is effective against a wide variety of bad microorganisms, parasites and pathogens, but scientific research shows it won’t harm the beneficial good gut flora or bacteria—the probiotics necessary for protecting a healthy intestinal tract, so Allicillin™ can be taken with your favorite probiotics also.”

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