How do I clear up “Hairy Tongue”?  It feels fine, just looks awful.

How do I clear up “Hairy Tongue”? It feels fine, just looks awful.

Woman Asking Question 11Q: How do I Clear up a “Hairy Tongue”? I am looking for suggestions as to how to clear up a hairy tongue. This is not thrush or candidiasis. The very fine hairs on my tongue have grown beyond what is normal. It changes on an almost daily basis. Sometimes my tongue looks normal to me.Other times, it is completely white from the elongation of those tiny hairs. There is no pain, itching, burning, etc. It feels fine, but looks awful at times…

A. Your “hairy tongue” is a common symptom of dysbiosis in your intestines. Your tongue is an extension of your gastrointestinal system, and its color and hairy white appearance means there is an overgrowth of one or more microbe and lack of balance with friendly bacteria. This is common after taking Flagyl since antibiotics kill off the good organisms which are responsible for keeping overgrowth of pathogenic ones at bay.

Pharmax LLC has done studies on patients taking antibiotics. I have attached some to this email. They show that there is an elevation of pathogens in the GI during antibiotic use. It can 6-12 months to re-establish the good flora and sometimes longer unless probiotics (beneficial bacteria) are taken to speed up the process.

I recommend you follow the below three-pronged approach with supplements from Pharmax. Pharmax private labels products for Genestra so they are the same high quality human strain probiotics you have read about on the Bacterial Vaginosis support group.

Kill, purify, and restore. First you need to gently kill off microbes or pathogens in your GI with Alli-Cinn. At the same time, you need to cleanse out the toxin from your intestines with Intestinal Purifier. And most importantly, you need replenish the beneficial bacteria which will keep balance in your intestines and vaginal canal with HLC Intensive caps and then HLC Synbiotic Intensive sachets.

All three parts are important to get the desired results and prevent re-occurrence of Bacterial Vaginosis (and your hairy tongue). You must restore the health of your intestines and vaginal canal to be symptom free.

You can read more details on each product I recommend through the below links.
Alli-Cin by Pharmax (plant antimicrobial- garlic and cinnamon): Take 1 with each meal (3 per day) for 1 month and then reduce to 2 per day.
Intestinal Purifier by Pharmax (fiber and intestinal cleansing nutrients:cTake 1 scoop per day mixed in liquid (i.e. 1-2 hours after dinner, with breakfast)
HLC Intensive by Pharmax: Take 1 capsule twice daily after breakfast and dinner for 10 days.
HLC Synbiotic sachets: Take 1/2 sachet twice daily after meals for 7-14 days.

After this 17 day probiotic treatment, you make move on to a maintenance product HLC High Potency capsules, or keep taking HLC Intensive 1 capsule per day.

You may also want to consider using HLC Candaclear vaginal probiotic suppositories for your Bacterial Vaginosis. These have been tremendously helpful to women with Bacterial Vaginosis. You can read more about Candaclear here.

Here is the link for the BV protocol page with lifestyle and dietary suggestions at the bottom.

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