HMF Natogen Infant Probiotic and warmed breastmilk

HMF Natogen Infant Probiotic and warmed breastmilk

Warmed Breastmilk and HMF Natogen Infant Probiotic Q: My baby is breastfed only. He has had tons of tummy troubles that are yet to be diagnosed except that it seems he has intolerance to milk and soy. We have been using HMF Natogen for two months now (baby is 3 months old) — we put it in a bottle of expressed breastmilk after heating the milk in a bottle warmer. Then we swirl and feed. Will the warmed breastmilk kill the efficacy of the probiotic? Is the product okay for babies with casein and/or secondary lactose intolerance?

A: I replying to your question about the HMF Natogen no FOS Infant Probiotic. As long as you are not over heating the milk before you are adding in the probiotic it would be fine and viable.

Here are some tips:
Heat the bottle by placing it in a pan of hot, but not boiling, water for a few minutes, or hold the bottle under the hot water tap for a few minutes. Never heat baby formula in the microwave. Microwaving can result in hot spots that can severely burn a baby’s mouth.

Test the temperature of the baby’s milk on the inside skin of your forearm to make sure the liquid is warm by not hot. If it is too hot, let it cool, then add the probiotics. If the temperature is comfortable for your arm it should be fine to add the probiotics in.

Once a baby has nursed from a bottle, microorganisms from the baby’s mouth are introduced into the breastmilk. If any unused portion of breastmilk is refrigerated and reheated, these opportunistic microorganisms will have the opportunity to multiply. Neither refrigeration nor reheating will prevent this growth. Therefore, you should fill each bottle with only the amount of breastmilk needed for one feeding. After feeding, if any breastmilk remains unused in the bottle, it should be discarded.

The HMF Natogen is in a base of lactose similar to breast milk for maximum assimilation. The lactose base is derived from cow’s milk. The lactose base is an important energy source for breast and bottle fed babies, it is derived from milk but free of casein. However, I have had some severely lactose intolerant babies no be able to tolerate the lactose in this probiotic, this is rare though.

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