HLC Mindlinx for Gluten and Casein Allergies

HLC Mindlinx for Gluten and Casein Allergies

HLC Mindlinx , Casein and  Gluten AllergiesQ. Is HLC Mindlinx used in the treatment of gluten and dairy allergies? Is it possible to reverse these allergies?

A. Yes, HLC MindLinx is used as a probiotic when someone has a sensitivity or allergy to dairy & or gluten. In many cases of people who are truly and severely allergic to these proteins, they may never resolve. However, many people often develop a sensitivity to these proteins, and this often occurs when these foods are frequently consumed on a daily basis, often in large quantities. This is different than a true IgE mediated allergy, this is known as an IgG mediated delayed hypersensitivity.

When these foods are left out of the diet for a period of time, and the gut has time to heal (often with the help of gut healing nutrients and herbs), some people can resume incorporating them in their diets in small quantities on a rotation diet basis.

HLC MindLinx does helps line the gut with strains of organisms that help degrade these proteins when they are ever ingested, therefore these proteins are not as likely to create such an extreme immune response and the body is better able to properly digest them.

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