Highly refined soy bean oil and allergies

Highly refined soy bean oil and allergies

allergies and highly refined soy bean oilQ.  Does the vitamin E in Seroyal/Genestra/Pharmax supplements come from soy?

A.  Here is the official reply from Seroyal Quality Assurance:

Most of the natural Vitamin E that Seroyal and the industry in general, include in our products is derived from soybean oil, a rich source of this vitamin. This soybean oil is highly refined, which eliminates most of the proteins, leaving only small amounts in the refined soybean oil.

Studies have found that highly refined soybean oil does not cause reactions in those who are allergic to soybeans. As well, US and Canadian regulations indicate that ingredients derived from highly refined oils of one of the major food allergens (such as soy) do not need to be labeled with the allergen warnings.  Based on these findings and regulations, Seroyal will not be placing a soy warning on the labels of products that contain Vitamin E derived from soybean oil.

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