Helping eczema brought on by food allergies

Helping eczema brought on by food allergies

eczema, brought on by food allergiesQ.  I’d like to ask for help in choosing a probiotic supplement for my 5-year old daughter. She has eczema on her legs and complains sometimes about tummy aches.  I’m not sure which of the following are better: HMF Powder or Colostrum with Probiotics from Childlife Essentials?

A.  While both of these probiotics are good ones, if your daughter’s eczema is a result of food allergies to gluten and or dairy, then I’d recommend this product for her:

  • HLC MindLinx Capsules – these would be the best ones to help colonize her intestines with good bacteria that can help with digesting gluten or casein proteins if & when she eats foods containing these proteins.  You can open the capsules and mix with food or a beverage.  It is best to give them with a meal for best transport & survival to the intestines.  I would recommend starting with this first to see if it helps, and to also try to give her alternatives to dairy and wheat in her diet to see if this helps.

The HMF Powder does not have the same strains that help with digesting gluten and dairy.  The Colostrum with Probiotics from Childlife is a good product, but I would encourage you to try the MindLinx first. 

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