Help with intermittent heartburn?

Help with intermittent heartburn?

intermittent heartburnQ: Just wondering what you would recommend for frequent yet intermittent heartburn?  I did order the Natrium Phosphoricum 6X which is not bad but would like something a little more potent.  I have been diagnosed with GERD and I do take other supplements to combat my symptoms such as Digestazyme, probiotics, Panda licorice, Umeboshi plums etc.

A: Yes, you can ask about recommendations for GERD.  We do carry Digestzymes by DFH, which can be very helpful for digestive support (as long as you do not have an ulcer) but by the spelling of the product you included in your email, it look a bit different, so I’m guessing it may be a different product.

Often times the quality of your probiotics can make a difference too.  The HMF or HLC Intensive are very good, so I’d encourage you to stay with it if it has been working well for you!  Or if you feel like you’d benefit from something different, then we can exlore other possibilities.

Here are some other possibilities for products to consider:

RefluX Pro by NutraRX – this is a classic homeopathic ingredients with biochemic tissue salts and formulated for the short-term relief of acute acid reflux, dyspepsia, belching and digestive discomfort after meals.  This may be good to try.

Fig Bud Phytogen Liquid by Genestra – this is a new product we just added last week.  It is high quality phytogen product made from fig bud extract, that is defined as the psychosomatic regulator of the stomach. These ‘emotional digester’ qualities rendered Fig the primary remedy for treating digestive disturbances of an emotional origin ranging from esophageal dysphagia, hiatal hernias, reflux disorders and stomach cramps.

With GERD, there can be several reasons this occurs, so it is helpful to try to get an understanding of why it developed in the first place.  Perhaps you might want to consider purchasing a Consultation to explore this further?

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