Help for Dust and Dander Allergies

Help for Dust and Dander Allergies

 Dust and Dander AllergiesQ. Could you please tell me how your dust and dander drops work, and why someone should take them?

A. The Dust, Mold & Animal Dander Homeopathic is a remedy which imparts extremely minute amounts of these allergens to one’s system, so that your body will build antibodies as an immune response to these allergens when they are encountered in the real world. It works best when taken on a regular basis so that your body will be better able to handle these without evoking such an uncomfortable allergic response.

Homeopathy is built on the “like” cures “like” philosophy, in actuality these are heavily diluted preparations. Homeopathic remedies are prepared by serial dilution with shaking by forceful striking, which homeopaths term “succussion”, after each dilution under the assumption that this increases the effect of the treatment. Homeopaths call this process “potentization”. Dilution often continues until none of the original substance remains.

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