Grow Younger in 2010

In this New Year’s Resolution News, we offer you 5 Health Hints to Grow Younger and Healthier in 2010!

2010: Grow Younger

These are simple affordable steps you can easily take this year to slow your aging and feel younger. If you apply these tips, you will undoubtedly feel better tomorrow than you do today.
1. Fill your plate with more vegetables and fruit! If you’re always on the go and have little time to prepare fresh greens or fruit, try Organic PaleoGREENS and PaleoREDS mixed in water. They each contain over 15 veggies or fruits and mix up easily on the go. These two awesome powder drink mixes are delicious and will help you stay nourished throughout the year. Always aim to include veggies at every meal and snack. Yet, in times when it’s not possible, have Paleogreens and Reds ready at your desk for a nutritious and alkalinizing
snack you will love!

Tip: You can mix 1 scoop sweet Reds with 1 scoop Green plain flavor for a super nutritious combo. Kids love the Paleoreds, so mix some up in their plain unsweetened yogurt for a red treat.

2. Just say NO to diet products! Artificial sweeteners are worse for you than sugar itself, in many cases. Aspartame has been proven in many scientific studies to toxify the nervous system and cause conditions ranging from depression and insomnia to nervousness and attention issues, and more. Sucralose may be responsible for declined thyroid function according to select studies. These are found in most gum, many candies, diet sodas, “diet foods”, and “health bars”. Look for more natural, lower glycemic sweeteners such as honey, agave nectar, xylitol and stevia instead. See delicious Xylitol Products

3. Load up on healthy fats! Decline all fats which are processed and high heated and say “YES” to avocados, homemade roasted nuts, olive oil, coconut milk and oil, sesame oil and seeds, and grass-fed dairy or goat butter and cream. You need these for healthy cells and hormones.
4. GO-probiotics! Our bodies are the terrain, bacteria are the soldiers. Arm your body with good bacteria while eliminating the bad guys which may be plotting to take over your system and make you sick! HLC Probiotics literally live and grow in your intestines and protect you from overgrowth of yeast, bacteria, parasites and other creepy crawlers. For ultimate intestinal defense, add Allicin, Paleofiber and Glutamine.
5. Arrest Your Stress! Stress may be one of THE most toxic habits that ever enter your life. In 2010, leave the stress behind. Start projecting more good thoughts and less worrisome or self-depreciating ones. If you need some stress support, visit our stress section for suggestions on how to improve your happy hormones so the stressors in life won’t phase you!

Weight Loss in 2010 Starts In Your Mind
Couple Biking

Weight Loss is a multibillion dollar industry. Why? People can’t seem to find lasting solutions to maintain healthy body weight. The reason for this is that so many people want to change their bodies, but they don’t change their mind first. Sustainable body balance requires an effective mental outlook on healthy living.

Try something new! How about balanced eating with intention and focus. How you THINK about your food can be more important than worrying about your appearance. Enjoy every bite of your food and be conscious of what it’s doing for your body biochemically. When you focus on how your food affects you, you’ll naturally be motivated to eat better. The result will be a trimmer and more vibrant YOU. The best part is that these changes will stay with you long term, because you’ve reprogrammed the way you think about your food.

Here are solutions for easy healthy foods and supplements to balance your bodyweight and quiet the cravings:
Designs for Health’s Weight Loss Support Packets– easy convenient pack of supplements you can take with you anywhere!

Rockwell Nutrition’s Weight loss Bundles– a great value on a nutritionist-selected grouping of healthy weight loss supplements that includes Pure Whey Protein powder, Endotrim Chromium Synergy, Paleofiber, Omega Synergy and Probiotics– the perfect combination of nutrients to nourish your body and diminish excess weight!


Getting Paid to Get Healthy

For many people, the New Year means it is time to allocate the money in their Flex Spending or Cafeteria Plan. You may be able to use Flex dollars for your nutritional needs and services. Wouldn’t it be helpful to get a tax-effective 25% to 35% discount on your healthy buys this year? Consult with your benefits provider for details.

If your provider doesn’t cover these type of services and purchases, you may still have options. Talk to your tax advisor about what writeoffs you can take related to health and nutrition. For an advanced look, here is a link to the IRS webpage that covers this topic.

Click the link and scroll to the heading: “Weight-Loss Program”. Generally speaking, you will find the most opportunity to deduct weight loss related expenses when sought to treat a physician diagnosed illness such as obesity, high blood pressure, etc.

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