How to Boost Memory, Sharpen Attention and Think Faster, Naturally

How to Boost Memory, Sharpen Attention and Think Faster, Naturally

Natural Ways toThink Faster, Sharpen Attention and Boost Memory

After a certain age, just about everyone experiences it…

Momentary lapses of memory, periodic difficulty with concentration, and even a little “brain fog”.

But there is a way to protect your brain, improve your memory, sharpen your concentration, and eliminate brain fog for good, and you don’t have to spend long hours solving crossword puzzles or doing other cognitive exercises to get these effects.

All you have to do is increase the amount of a special molecule that has been extensively researched for its effect on mental performance, attention, concentration, and memory formation.

I’m talking about glycerophosphocholine or GPC.

A Phospholipid for Your Brain…

Like phosphatidyl serine (PS), GPC is a member of the class of biochemicals known as phospholipids, which are important in making healthy cell membranes.

GPC is found in abundant quantities in mother’s milk, which ought to tell us something about its importance in human life. There are only tiny amounts in food, so to get the full therapeutic value of this wonderful substance, supplements are the way to go.

A large body of scientific research has demonstrated GPC’s importance for the brain.

Feeling Forgetful?

Here’s one of many examples that demonstrate the scientific validation of this remarkable nutrient, and it involves a fascinating phenomenon called scopolamine amnesia.

It seems that if you administer a chemical called scopolamine (by injection or by mouth) to people, they will very quickly experience near-total amnesia. They just forget everything.

It’s remarkable—all information skills, including memory, attention, and learning, just seem to disappear. The chemical is harmless, the effect is only temporary, and it wears off in a few hours, but it allows researchers to do all sorts of clever studies.

In two of these studies, researchers first gave healthy young volunteers GPC or a placebo over the course of a week to ten days. Then they gave them the scopamine injection and watched them carefully for the next six hours. They wanted to determine the degree to which GPC could protect their minds against the (inevitable) amnesia brought on by the drug.

The researchers had the subjects perform a test called free recall. Twenty words were read aloud three times, and subjects had two minutes to write down as many of them as they could remember.

Then the subjects were given a test of attention called the cancellation test where they were given a matrix of 1,200 randomly generated numbers, told to find three that were identified as “targets,” and eliminate them from the matrix within three minutes.

The results were pretty amazing.

In the free recall test, the GPC held off the amnesia all the way through the six-hour trial.

In the cancellation test, it held off the amnesia for three hours—an indication of its partial but very real effect on attention.

The researchers concluded that GPC protected the brain’s attention and memory capacity.

Even more interestingly, the GPC group scored higher in a baseline test of word recall—given to all subjects before they were given the scopolamine—meaning the seven to ten days of treatment with GPC had had a positive effect on their brains even before the experiment began!

Protect Your Brain—It’s the Only One You Get!

Parris Kidd, PhD, one of the world’s foremost experts on the compound sums it up best when he says:

“Along with its sister phospholipid PS, GPC has a proven track record against age-related decline and other brain damage. These are the two most clinically proven brain nutrients, and both are widely needed, especially since there are no pharmaceuticals available that provide lasting benefit against cognitive decline.

“I continue to be fascinated by GPC’s capacities to salvage function in the damaged brain, to sharpen mental performance even in people who are healthy, and to give new vitality to the aging brain.”

We love GPC and strongly recommend it as a way to protect your brain, improve attention, and enhance memory. That’s why we are offering a discount on our favorite GPC supplement and a few related products this week.

GPC Liquid 1200 mg Tubes by Crayhon Research

This is one of the best products on the market for protecting your brain, improving your memory, and sharpening your concentration. Crayhon Research developed this product in response to the research cited in this article, and it provides the exact dose of GPC used in the studies.

Make sure to take it in the morning, because if you take it later in the day it will give you so much mental energy it may keep you up well after you’re ready for bed.

Phosphatidyl Serine by Douglas Labs

This is the sister phospholipid to GPC. It is critical in cell membrane development, and helps to further support the body’s nervous system and brain function.

Alpha R-Lipoic Acid Capsules by BioGenesis

This powerful antioxidant has long been known for its neuroprotective and regenerative properties. It also has important free-radical quenching effects throughout the body. This formula contains the natural form of ALA and is both lipid and water soluble.

Give GPC and these other support products a shot. You may just remember (or discover for the first time) how great it feels to have a quick mind, superb memory, and laser sharp focus.


Wishing You Health and Wellness,

The Rockwell Nutrition Team


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