FLORASTOR and IBS improvement

FLORASTOR and IBS improvement

IBS improvement and FLORASTOR Q:  Can we take FLORASTOR 250mg twice daily on permanent basis for maintaining good bowel system without any ill effects? Can this be taken for several years?

I am taking one pill in morning and one pill in evening for one month and I feel very good since I have a problem of IBS for the past 25 years. With two pills daily, my problem has disappeared. Can I take two pills daily on permanent basis without any ill effects. Is it safe?

A:  Yes you may take Florastor, twice daily on a permanent basis.  There are no known ill effects in taking it long-term.  Only positive benefits for the intestines.  It does have lactose, so anyone with lactose intolerance may not do well with this probiotic without taking a lactase enzyme.

The thing about this probiotic is it depleted from your body when you stop taking it, so taking consistently over time will continue to provide you the best benefit with your IBS.  It is nice that it also does not have to be refrigerated and it lasts for a long time at room temperature.

It is wonderful to hear your problem has disappeared as you have been taking this probiotic!  You can certainly read more about this product (Florastor) on our website in the tabs, as well as this Data Sheet to read more about this product and what the studies have demonstrated.

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