Is Your Fish Oil Poisoning You?

Is Your Fish Oil Poisoning You?

Fish Oil Poisoning Does the fish oil in your omega-3 supplement come from catfish found at the bottom of the Hudson River in Manhattan?

Of course it doesn’t, you say! (And, if you’re a Rockwell customer, you’re right of course.) But how does the average person really know?

Fish oil supplements are only as good as their source.

Two bottles of fish oil might each say “1,000 mg of omega-3” on the label, but if the source of the oil in Brand A was wild salmon from the pristine waters off the coast of Alaska, and the source of the oil in Brand B was the aforementioned catfish, you can imagine the products will be substantially different.

And you’d be right.

That is why we ONLY recommend pharmaceutical grade fish oil as it’s the cleanest, most effective fish oil on the planet, something I’ll discuss more in a moment.

Cheap Fish, Cheap Fish Oil…

Most fish oil is made from really cheap sources of fish. And fish oil can go rancid, just like the fish it comes from. Frequently, the unpleasant “fishy” aftertaste of fish oil is caused by rancidity, something rarely found in high quality fish oil.

And cheap fish oil that comes from who-knows-where and travels thousands of miles only to sit on the bottom shelf of your big box drugstore chain collecting dust is probably not going to be winning any freshness contests.

Fish oil from polluted waters is also much more likely to contain toxins and chemicals.

And unless your fish oil is purified, and from reputable companies who test every which way for toxins and impurities, it’s a good bet you’re going to be consuming some toxins along with your omega-3’s.

Pharmaceutical grade is the very purest form of fish oil. It may be a bit more expensive, but it’s definitely worth it.

Speaking of toxicity, consider heavy metals like mercury, or lead, or arsenic. Or even pesticides. All of them are terrible for your health and some of them are considered oxidants, meaning they attack your cells and damage your DNA, contributing mightily to disease.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if our “healthy” fish oil supplements were actually contributing to the very damage we’re trying to fight by taking antioxidants?

Is it Omega-3? Or is it EPA-DHA?

Then there’s the whole issue of that “1,000 mg of omega-3’s”.

Remember those old westerns when prospectors would go looking for gold up in the mountains of the Sierra Madre? And do you remember those pans they’d shake around, looking for gold nuggets?

Well, omega-3’s are like the stuff in those pans. Some of it’s sand, and some of it’s gold.

The only thing you’re really interested in when it comes to omega-3’s are the gold nuggets, and where fish oil is concerned, those gold nuggets are the two omega-3 fatty acids DHA (docasahexanoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid).

All the rest is essentially “fool’s gold.” You don’t really care if a supplement contains “1,000 mg of omega-3”, you care about how much DHA and EPA it has because that’s the real nutritional gold we’re looking for.

Don’t be fooled by labels that say “1,000 mg of omega-3”. Turn the bottle over and read exactly how much of that 1,000 mg is actually EPA and DHA. That’s all you really care about, because those are the two omega-3 fatty acids that provide all the amazing health benefits you’re looking for.

We’ve searched high and low and looked at nearly every fish oil product out there and there is one brand that stands head-and-shoulders above the rest and has earned our Rockwell Recommends distinction.

Barlean’s Ultra EPA-DHA Double Potency

This is my favorite fish oil supplement for many reasons.

  • It’s a pristine source of ultra-purified, molecularly distilled pharmaceutical grade fish oil.
  • It contains one of the highest doses of EPA and DHA available in supplement form: A 2 capsule serving provides a whopping 783 mg of EPA and 400 mg of DHA.
  • Its proprietary FreshCatch Processing Technology ensures that the oil is free from the damaging effects of heat, light, and oxygen.
  • It comes in black opaque bottles that suppress light-induced oxidation.
  • It comes in nitrogen-flushed bottles that suppress oxygen-induced oxidation.
  • Its laboratory tested, certified and validated free of detectable contaminants.

Finally, Barlean’s Ultra EPA-DHA Double Potency has earned the coveted 5-star rating of the IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards Program). The IFOS is a highly regarded independent third-party testing and accreditation program for omega-3 fish oil products. A 5-star rating means that the product:

  • Complies with all Council for Responsible Nutrition, Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3, and World Health Organization testing categories
  • Contains the same quantity of active ingredients that are listed on the product label
  • Has an oxidation level less than 75% of the CRN/GOED standard
  • Has PCB levels less than 50% of the CRN/GOED standard
  • Has dioxin levels less than 50% of the WHO standard

Simply put, when you choose Barlean’s, you’re choosing one of the best products on the market—one that’s been independently verified to be free of the toxins that could ruin your health…and certainly one that’s guaranteed to NOT come from the bottom of the Hudson River!


Wishing You Health and Wellness,

The Rockwell Nutrition Team



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