Esssential Fatty Acids (EFA) That Do Not Contain Soy

Esssential Fatty Acids (EFA) That Do Not Contain Soy

Q. I ha No Soy Esssential Fatty Acids (EFA)ve recently been diagnosed with severe soy allergy, so I am in search of an EFA supplement that does not contain any soy. Can you recommend any?

A. Many of the fish oils available do have soy derivatives. Yes, I can recommend two supplements that are soy free.

Perilla EFA – this is a vegetarian-soy free EFA supplement. Perilla EFA is a comprehensive and uniquely sourced vegetable based omega-3 essential fatty acid. Perilla is a rich source of 18 carbon skeleton chains which helps restore normal body physiology by providing the necessary building blocks to dramatically redirect and down regulate multiple pro-inflammatory cascades. Perilla Oil has been clinically demonstrated to antagonize leukotrienes and arrest their inflammatory sequelae on pulmonary distress associated with asthmas and respiratory allergies.

Flaxseed Oil by DFH – this is also soy free.

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