Does your full body cleanse have any side effects that would hurt a pregnancy?

Q. Does your full body cleanse have any side effects that would hurt a pregnancy?

A. It is a great idea to do a complete cleanse 1-6 months before getting pregnant, but it very important to stop the cleanse immediately if you get pregnant. The detoxification process involves your body pushing lots of toxins, pathogens, and heavy metals out of every cell in your body, and a developing fetus could be affected by this. I highly recommend you do not start trying to get pregnant until the cleanse is finished (even just one day after is fine). Be sure to be taking a good multi vitamin such as Twice Daily Multi by Designs For Health every day at least 2 months before getting pregnant since you need to adequate tissue levels of folic acid and other nutrients in your system before the embryo forms. I recommend at very least 800mcg of folic acid each day, in addition to B-complex vitamins and minerals. This can be found in the below products which I recommend.
Twice Daily Multi by DFH:
Or even more complete, the Twice Daily Essential Packets by DFH which contain the critical Omega 3s and minerals:
These products are important to include during a cleanse because they strengthen the body, and can be taken all the way through your pregnancy. They give you very high quality nutrients in optimal doses (excluding iron which you can take separately if needed). Omega 3s free of mercury are very important during pregnancy and the DFH fish oils are certified free of heavy metals.

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