Do you recommend GI Microb-X for parasites, bacteria, and yeasts?  How much for a small woman?

Do you recommend GI Microb-X for parasites, bacteria, and yeasts? How much for a small woman?

GI Microb-X for  yeasts, bacteria, and parasitesQ: My doctor has prescribed Microb-x caps by Designs for Health. I see that you carry that product and I may need another bottle. She knows this to be a good product, but says she has little experience with it, so I am trying to glean as much information as possible. I am taking it to eradicate parasites, bacteria, and yeasts which have shown up on tests. I am a small woman and take 1 capsule in the am and 1 before bed. I noticed your recommended dose is 2 in am and 2 before bed. Was wondering about optimum dosage, and also typical time that people take these. I will be retested after treatment. I could opt for an antibiotic, but chose the herbal and am happy with it, as long as I get successful results. I am also on a yeast free and allergy free diet at this time.

A: The Microb-X by DFH is a good product with wide-spectrum herbs to work on these unfriendly parasites, bacteria, and yeasts.  If you are a small person, you may do quite well with the dose you are taking.  The standard dose is really for normal size people, and if your tests showed high amounts of these unfriendly bugs, then you may have better results with increasing your dose to 2 capsules, twice daily, even if you are small.

Try it, and if you find it causes any discomfort to your GI tract or stomach, then cut back to the dose you were taking or try taking it with some food in your stomach.  The length of time to take this can vary.  Typical amount of time should be about 1-2 months, then re-test.

I would wait on the antibiotic and give the GI Microb-X a try.  It may be less damaging to your gut than the antibiotic.

Also, you should be taking a good probiotic as you are taking this, like the HMF Intensive capsules, which you’ve ordered in the past.  I would recommend taking the probiotic mid-day with a snack or with your lunch so you are taking it at a separate time as when you are taking the Microb-X so you are adding good flora to your gut.  Additionally, I would recommend adding this:

  • PaleoFiber Powder Drink Mix by Designs For Health (DFH) – use 1 TBSP mixed with water on a fairly empty stomach or before a meal.  This will help your intestines move out the dead & dying bad bugs that the Micro-X is eradicating.  It is a good way to get these toxic buggers out of your gut quickly so they aren’t in there long as they are dying off!  If you take this about the same time as your GI Microb-X dose, then do this first, then take your GI Microb-X.

Please sign up for a 15 minute consult when you check out so I can keep track of how you are doing and provide additional guidance as you are moving along!

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