Do you offer a Probiotic program for my 12 yo with Crohn’s disease?

Do you offer a Probiotic program for my 12 yo with Crohn’s disease?

Probiotic program for 12 yo with Crohn's diseaseQ. Which probiotics do you recommend for my 12 yr old son, who has Crohn’s disease?I am also reading “The Maker’s Diet,”is the probiotic they recommend good? Do you have a program for Crohn’s disease?

A. We are familiar with “The Makers Diet” and their recommended probiotics Primal Defense (PD). The Primal Defense is very different from the HMF Super Powder. It does not contain the researched strains of beneficial bacteria and there is some controversy in the nutrition industry as to the benefit of PD organisms. Some practitioners have warned us against using PD for people who have very compromised GI function since it could actually do some harm. Others have found PD to be quite helpful.

The strains in HMF products are not Soil Organisms (HSOs) such as the ones in PD. Instead, HMF is Human Micro Flora which have been isolated from a healthy woman and replicated in the lab. Thus, all the organisms in HMF naturally exist in the GI tract and they implant quite well because the body recognizes them as “self”. The human strains in HMF have been extensively researched over the last 10 years and shown to adhere quite well.

Yes, we do have a nutritional program for Crohn’s diasease. Please, visit our Crohn’s disease program.

Another great supplement that your son would benefit from is the Super EFA Liquid by Genestra.

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