Do you have a product for painfully dry cracked hand and feet skin?

Do you have a product for painfully dry cracked hand and feet skin?

supplement for painfully dry cracked hand and feet skinQ. I have a painful skin condition, in which my skin cracks and bleeds (hands and feet). Do you have any suggestions to remedy this?

A. First and foremost for your cracking hands and feet, you will see dramatic improvement by taking high dose fish oils. My mother and grandmother had a skin condition nearly identical to yours and nothing really helped until they used high dose fish oils plus GLA. The dose and quality of the oil is important.

Here are the products I recommend as well as the doses:

  1. Super EFA Liquid by Genestra—Take 1 Tablespoon twice per day with meals for 1 week, then down to 1 Tablespoon per day for 2-4 weeks or until symptoms improve dramatically.

Maintenance dose for your condition is 1-2 teaspoons per day. You can mix it into applesauce or yogurt, or just take it straight off the spoon and chase it down with any beverage (which is what my husband and I do)

  • GLA 90 Black Currant Seed Oil— 3 capsules per day (i.e. 1 with each meal) for 1-2 months until symptoms subside, then down to 1 capsule a day for maintenance.


EFAs are critical for skin health and many other health problems, so typically many health parameters improve when our clients go on these essential fatty acids which are greatly lacking in our diet.

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