How Safe is Your Brain From Oxidative Damage?

How Safe is Your Brain From Oxidative Damage?


Oxidative Damage: How Safe is Your Brain

Want a spice that can protect your brain?

Look no further than the stuff that makes curry yellow—turmeric.

I’ve been a fan of this incredible spice ever since I wrote about it in The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth. Turmeric contains active ingredients called curcuminoids, and these have been found to have potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

And they have particular importance to the brain.

The general name for curcuminoids is curcumin and it has been found to prevent the death of neurons (brain cells), reduce oxidative damage, and decrease the formation of inflammatory factors in the brain.

And it reduces, or even, amazingly, reverses, the formation of amyloid plaques which are found in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients.

The All-natural NSAID…

Curcumin is a kind of natural NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, like Advil or Ibuprofen). In that sense, it works much like omega-3 fatty acids from fish and flax, and that may be part of the reason it’s protective against Alzheimer’s.

Just for the record, the rate of Alzheimer’s in the United States is nearly four times that of India—where turmeric is always on the menu!

Research conducted in Singapore took a look at the role of curcumin (turmeric) in the prevention of basic cognitive decline, the kind that supposedly comes “naturally” with aging. The researchers measured decline by looking at scores on a test called the MMSE (Mini-Mental State Exam).

The MMSE is a simple, eleven-question test that’s pretty standard for measuring cognitive decline. Questions include asking the person to name today’s date, or follow simple instructions like recalling three objects, counting by 7’s, or repeating a simple phrase. The test is quite effective at identifying those with mild cognitive decline.

Those who regularly consumed curry scored significantly higher on average compared to those who never, or rarely, did.

That means the people who consumed curcumin had better brains…

Spice or Supplement?

curcuminTurmeric tastes delicious and you really can’t “overdo” it. I sprinkle it on virtually everything. It’s my favorite seasoning for everything from scrambled eggs to soup.

As delicious as it is, it’s important to realize that the whole spice is between 2-6 % curcumin. And, frankly, curcumin is not generally well absorbed. So to get all the benefits of this miracle ingredient, you really need to supplement.

I take curcumin as a supplement on a daily basis. It’s one of my top ten go-to supplements.

The brand I recommend is Europharma, designed by master formulator Terry Lemerond. Europharma uses only BCM-95 curcumin, which studies show is far better absorbed than “ordinary” curcumin.

I remember speaking at an Anti-Aging Convention in Sao Paulo, Brazil where one of the other lecturers was the wonderful Dr. Thomas O’Bryan, a faculty member of the Institute for Functional Medicine.

Dr. O’Bryan’s talk was on curcumin. After presenting slide after slide showing the amazing effects of curcumin on a variety of systems in the body, he concluded by saying that curcumin should be a part of virtually every disease-fighting protocol!

I agree. That’s why I take it every day. And it’s why we want to offer you a discount on one of the top curcumin supplements on the market today…

CuraPro by EuroPharma

Curapro is pure BCM-95 curcumin. It’s perfect for those who want to incorporate this highly potent valuable substance into their supplement routine.

CuraPhen by EuroPharma

Curaphen is a mix of BCM-95 curcumin together with other strong anti-inflammatories like Boswellia. It’s known as the “pain” formula because it’s such a powerful anti-inflammatory. If you have any issues with inflammation or pain, this is the product to take.


Yours in health and wellness,

The Rockwell Nutrition Team



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