Can you suggest a non allergenic Zinc & Vitamin C product for my toddler?

Can you suggest a non allergenic Zinc & Vitamin C product for my toddler?

 non allergenic Zinc & Vitamin C product for toddlerQ. I am looking for a Zinc and Vitamin C supplement for my toddler who is 26 months old, weighs 27 lbs. She is intolerant to a large number of foods, foremost dairy, soy, wheat/gluten/any grains, rice, orange, strawberry, chicken, corn. She received penicillin in utero, as I was GBS positive. Her other health issue has been severe reflux. Could you please tell me which of your products would be appropriate for her?

A. Based on the multitude of food allergies your young daughter has and what this indicates, I have some suggestions which could greatly help her. Most importantly, she needs to begin taking healthy bacteria (aka probiotics). I suspect that due to the heavy antibiotics, she has gut inflammation and breakdown.

To heal, she will need:

  • HMF Intensive Probiotics: 1 capsule opened and mixed into food twice daily.
  • Amino L-glutamine (necessary for GI healing): Take 2 capsules opened mixed in water if possible on an empty stomach once daily.
  • Berry EFA Plus: Take 1 tsp twice daily (can mix other two powders into this). These essential fatty acids will help reduce the level of inflammation in her gut to allow it to heal. And they taste great for kids.

and lastly,

  • Gammadyn Zn: Take 1 ampoule per day. Administer ampoule under the tongue and wait one minute before swallowing. This is important because zinc is needed for healing her gut and also for hundreds of other body functions.

I suggest beginning with this protocol because in order for your daughter to be well nourished and healthy, her gut needs to function better. This protocol will enable that to happen. Otherwise, even nutrients administered via supplements will only partially be absorbed. One her gut is healed, food allergies will improve and she’ll be able to absorb vitamin mineral supplements better.

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