Can you suggest a natural product for cysts and acne as topicals don’t help me?

Can you suggest a natural product for cysts and acne as topicals don’t help me?

a natural product for cysts and acne Q. I would like to find a natural product that will get rid of the cysts and other acne. I have had no success with topical treatments.

A. Research studies have proven that acne can be cured by 1) lowering glycemic load in diet 2) eliminating dairy (& sometimes gluten too) and 3) taking supplements which help balance insulin/sugar load and support skin health. In addition to following a low glycemic diet and eleminating dairy, you should also add these supplements. You will notice results as quickly as within 1 week!

  • Zinc Supreme by DFH.Take 1-2 per day at separate times with food. Zinc is critical for skin health and healing, if you are deficient in this critical mineral, your body would spare it for other more essential functions – such as immunity- and your skin will suffer.
  • Omega Synergy by DFH. Take 3 twice daily with meals. This combination of Omega 3 & 6 are essential fatty acids which are critical in production of your skin hormones. Often skin issues are a direct result of a deficiency of this key nutrient. GLA is also critical in hormonal health, and if you are slightly or severly deficient, your body will use it to help produce hormones first, and therefor your skin will sufffer.
  • Probiotic Synergy by DFH. Take 1 after each meal three times daily. This beneficial bacteria will strengthen your digestive & elimination system to effectively clear acne and/or cyst issues. Acne can in part be caused by poor digestion and or/systemic yeast/ candida albicans, and probiotics will help re-establish the correct balance.

I highly recommend this great downloadable e-book on Dietary Cures for Acne by Loren Cordain, PhD.

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