Can you recommend any schools, programs or seminars for becoming a Nutritionist?

Can you recommend any schools, programs or seminars for becoming a Nutritionist?

 recommended schools, programs or seminars for becoming a NutritionistQ. I am considering changing my career to nutrition consulting. Could you recommend schools or programs where I could become certified? Also, do you recommend any seminars which could help build up my knowledge?

A. The two resources I highly recommend are:
Nutrition Certification program done vie correspondence course. It could take you anywhere from 1.5 years if you work at it full time, or 3 years if you go have less time to devote to it. This program will give you all the texbook background knowledge you’ll need and the “Certified Nutritionist” CN after your name. But it does not fully prepare you for feeling confident consulting your clients. For that, you’ll need to attend plenty of seminars or listen to many hours of interviews with experts (offered by and

The most useful seminars & CDs to learn hands on clincial nutrition info:

The seminars held by Crayhon are hands down, the very best clinical seminars in nutrition. Crayhon Research has it’s famous Boulderfest conference annually which features numerous nutrition experts from around the world speaking on exciting and cutting edge clinically relevant topics. The information you learn at these seminars is usually groundbreaking, and they always keep you passionate about your nutrition career. You can even purchase their past seminars on CD and download others for free from their site.

Crayhon Research is also considering doing their intensive nutrition training program again for those interested in starting their career in nutrition. Contact them for more info.


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