Can you recommend a non-steroidal product for Schamberg’s (Cappillaritis)?

Can you recommend a non-steroidal product for Schamberg’s (Cappillaritis)?

a non-steroidal product for Schamberg's (Cappillaritis)Q. I have suffered with Schamberg’s skin condition (aka capillaritis) for 1 1/2 years and have been told there is no cause or remedy. Prednisone helped temporarily but then it came back. What do you recommend?

A. Since the skin and gut are considered sister organs, I suggest working on repairing your gut. There is a possibility that bacteria/yeast in your gut is responsible for the skin condition. Also, since anti-inflammatory medications have helped, I suggest using some anti-inflammatory nutrients/herbs. Below I will outline a protocol to help.

HLC Intensive by Pharmax. This is a probiotic used to help control bacterial/fungal overgrowth. Take 1 cap with each meal for 20-30 days.

Alli-Cinn by Pharmax. This is a combination of garlic and cinnamon bark oil which will kill bad bacteria and fungus in your gut. Take 1 cap once-twice daily with food.

Finest Pure Fish Oils by Pharmax. This is a pure potent form of omega-3 fish oils which are the body’s natural precursor to anti-inflammatory hormones.

PaleoGreens by DFH. This is a super greens supplement which will help with gentle detoxification and gut strengthening.

I also recommend reduction of all forms of sugar, as well as gluten and dairy. These foods are inflammation provoking and feed bad bacteria and yeast.

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