Can tooth decay be reversed with Vitamin D & A and Activator X?

Can tooth decay be reversed with Vitamin D & A and Activator X?

tooth decay reversed with Vitamin D & A and Activator XQ: I am currently researching about how to reverse the tooth cavity. I understand Vitamin D & A and Activator X (in whole food form, not the isolate vitamins) are critical. Cod liver oil, butter oil are rich in Vitamin D & A and Activator X together in a food form. I am wondering if you have any suggestion to reverse the tooth cavity, and have any products that will help?

A: I do not know of any product that has demonstrated the ability to reverse a tooth cavity (if so, we’d probably be rich and would be putting a big dent in the dental business if this were the case), though some research on vitamin K2 is promising.

Certainly, vitamin D, A, & K (Activator X) are important in bone remodeling.  Butter oil from grass fed cows has this “Activator X” (vitamin K2) nutrient, that the dentist Weston A. Price wrote about (  Cod Liver Oil only has vitamin’s A & D.

This is a link to a new product that Seroyal/Genestra/Pharmax as recently come out with for bone and teeth support, called Cal Mag Berry Liquid, this has vitamins A, D, & K, along with calcium, magnesium & boron. – US site – Canada site

They recently started adding vitamin K2 to it.  The vitamin K2 is derived from naturally fermented soybeans (which are non-GMO).

One of the sweeteners in this liquid is Xylitol.  Xylitol (a low-glycemic sugar alcohol), an inhibitor of the cavity-causing bacteria streptococcus mutans, is a natural sweetener derived from birch tree bark or corn husks. Xylitol halts tooth decay, inhibits the formation of dental plaque and re-mineralizes tooth enamel.

This chewing gum may be helpful to use after meals or snacks: Xylitol Fruit Gum by BioGenesis, has xylitol.

Additionally, Genestra makes a very good, purified Cod Liver Oil, which is high in vitamin A & D.

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