Can Pyloricin be repeated for persistent Gastritis or is there something else?

Can Pyloricin be repeated for persistent Gastritis or is there something else?

Pyloricin be repeated for persistent GastritisQ. My wife suffers from Helicobacter infection, resistant to all official therapy. Therefore, she used Pyloricin by Pharmax during two months. However, last pathohystologic diagnose is—Gastritis chonica atrophica cum metaplasia intestinale completa. Can she repeat Pyloricin or should she take something else?

A. Your wife’s GI cell atrophy causes inflammation and nutrient malabsorption, which could cause a host of other health problems.

Begin with:

  • HLC Intensive Probiotics: Take 1 with each meal for at least 20 days (will need two bottles). This is to help to reestablish her good bacteria, needed to fight off whatever negative microflora is inhabiting her and to prevent future regrowth. Then, she can move onto the maintenance probiotic product HLC High Potency
  • Finest Pure Fish Oils by Pharmax: This is to reduce the inflammation and allow the GI cells to begin to heal.
    Take 1 Tbs. once daily with a meal. If she is on any blood thinners, please monitor closely, and begin more gradually with only 1 tsp daily.
  • Broad Spectrum Complex by Pharmax: Take 1 cap twice daily with meals. This contains herbs which target a broad spectrum of bugs.
  • L-Glutamine by Designs for Health (capsule or powder) is the most important amino acid in the upper GI which helps to rebuild gut tissue and also strengthens the immune system. Take 2 caps between meals (or with meals if more convenient).

Diet wise, she should be strictly limiting her sugars and simple starches from bread, potatoes, pasta and even high sugar fruits such as banana. She should be eating organic proteins and lots of green and colorful veggies to support her immune system. She should also eat more coconut oils, coconut milk, and macadamia nuts, which all have anti-microbial properties to support the GI. There are some additional food-type products we have available to help her meet these needs if she is unable to do it with diet.

We have coconut oil, organic protein powders, some healthier bars, super greens powders, etc. all top quality.

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