Can Natural Products rebuild hip joints?

Can Natural Products rebuild hip joints?

rebuild hip joints with natural products Q: When I was at the family doctor in December, my hip was very bad ( I have hardly any cartilage left). I asked for a consultation with an orthopedic surgeon. I personally do not think that my degenerated lumber area would stand a hip operation, but I can ask him. Since that time of the appointment I have started to do a lot for regeneration, including the Gemmo & homemade bone broth soup. I have never met a person who tried to regenerate with Gemmotherapy. My question to you is, can a person with severe deterioration built more collagen and bone with those natural products? I got a little better already with the Gemmo, but movement irritates the nerves in the back.

Unexpectedly I got an appointment for Jan. 17th with the Ortho. I know, you do not know me and you cannot make definitive statement. However I would like to know if a severely degenerate skeleton can recuperate over a long time?

My plan is to just have a preliminary evaluation and put an operation off till later. Preferably I would like to slowly heal.

A: It does sound like you do have a dilemma about doing a hip replacement surgery, but now that you have an upcoming appointment (maybe that was fate), maybe you’ll get a better picture of what the orthopedic surgeon would recommend for your particular case.

Regarding your question, I do think there is a point where a decision about surgery has to be made based on what your doctor thinks is best for you.  Natural products can only go so far to help in rebuilding & preventing further deterioration, and we really don’t know how far they can go because the research on them is somewhat mixed and inconsistent (I’ve included some published research links for you below).  However, once there is significant deterioration of the joints, you may be at significant risk for falling and breaking a hip.

Hip fractures are the #1 reason the elderly end up in nursing homes or assisted living.  Many folks put off doing a surgery, then they take a fall, and their brittle bones just break.  Healing takes a very long time when you have this type of situation, so I would advise you to take heed in what your doctor recommends, and if you don’t agree then see about getting a second opinion.  Perhaps, you may want to take a copy of your MRI or CT scan to your ND to see what he recommends.

My osteopathic doctor friend is a big fan of glucosamine + chondroitin sulfate to help with rebuilding cartilage, as it is quite helpful in arthritis and rebuilding cartilage and protecting against further damage.  It does work slowly, if you take it diligently over time.  We have a good one here:

  • Gluchochondro Formula by Pharmax – ($38.00) One tablet taken three times daily with meals, in your case you should probably be taking at least 4 caps daily.

Here are some research article abstracts which are a bit complex, but do support the use of these natural product ingredients, you can click on the links to read them:

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One other product we have that has the above ingredients + fish oil (omega-3), MSM, vitamin D, ginger and curcumin, is this:

Mobility 4 by Phramax – this is a bit more costly ($60).  You take 1 strip, twice daily, so one box will last for 15 days.  The ingredients not only help with the cartilage, but also support reducing inflammation and pain, as well as the vitamin D is important in bone remodeling.  This product would need to be discontinued prior to having surgery by 2 weeks due to the additional ingredients could affect platelets and blood viscosity.

The above product (Gluchochondro Formula by Pharmax) would last 22-30 days (depending on how many pills / day taken).

I hope this will be helpful information for you in your decision making process.  If you have any more questions before you order again, please let me know.

I hope that you’ll be able to make the best decisions for your hips.

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