Can I take Muco Coccinum homeopathy and Flu shot at the same time?

Can I take Muco Coccinum homeopathy and Flu shot at the same time?

 Muco Coccinum homeopathy and Flu shot Q: Can I take muco coccinum if I’ve already had the regular (non Swine) flu shot? I’m concerned there might be issues if whatever’s in the muco conflicts with what’s in the flu shot?

Since I’m not comfortable taking the other Swine flu shot I want to use muco to help prevent that, so want to take it.

A: Yes, it’s perfectly safe to take Muco Coccinum if you’ve had a flu shot, but wait one week. Muco Coccinum elevates your body’s immune response to bacterial and viral infections, such as the flu.  Thus it is recommended to wait for a week after a flu shot before beginning your first dose of the Muco Coccinum homeopathy.

A good probiotic is also be helpful to support your immune system because it lines the intestines with good bacteria to fight the bad ones.  This puts less stress on your overall immune system.  I’m providing a link to the best one to get started taking if you haven’t taken a good probiotic:

  • HMF Intensive – Take 1 capsule daily with food.  It also help reduce severity of allergies and the likelihood of yeast infections.

Also, please check out our Flu Kit for Adults which contains Vitamin D, Muco Coccium, and OregaResp for lungs and sinus. It’s a very powerful combination!

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