Can I return to my normal diet after a negative vaginal culture?

Q: I had a vaginal culture done for yeast about 3 weeks ago that came back negative. Is it ok for me to return to my normal diet, which includes gluten, casein and some sugar?

A. Yeast is a very delicate health problem to deal with. Even if your report came back negative for yeast cultures, you should try to stick to a sugar and dairy free diet for at least another 3 months. You read more information about Candida diet here.
Also, for maintenance, you should keep on taking the probiotics such as the High Potency Powder by Pharmax.
People with a weaker immune system are prone to recurrent yeast infection, therefore I would recommend that you supplement your diet with Immunitone Plus by Designs For Health (Dosage: 3 capsules daily between meals).

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