Calendula Cream for Acne

Calendula Cream for Acne

Treat Acne with Calendula CreamCalendula cream is used for soothing various skin problems. It works by improving blood flow to the affected areas. It may not stop the real cause of acne but it can help with healing the skin and in preventing further flare-ups.

Can Calendula Cream Really be Used to Treat Acne?

According to the National Institute of Health webstie (NIH), acne can be caused by one of the following: hormonal changes during teenage years or pregnancy; using or discontinuing birth control pills; genetics; some medications; and using oily makeup. Unfortunately, none of these can be countered by calendula cream.

However, the same webpage referenced above also notes that the goal of acne treatment is to:

  1. Heal pimples,
  2. Prevent the formation of new pimples,
  3. Prevent scarring
  4. Reduce embarrassment associated with having acne

Calendula cream can probably help with some of these.

Calendula has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties so it can probably help with preventing further outbreaks. It can also help with healing pimples, as it is known to help heal wounds faster by promoting blood flow.

How To Really Treat Acne

Calendula cream can help with some of the effects of acne. But if you want a more complete way to fight acne, Rockwell Nutrition has specific advice on how to treat acne by eating right and using the right combination of supplements.

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