Why Use CuraPro with Bio-Inflammatory Plus?

Why Use CuraPro with Bio-Inflammatory Plus?

Bio-Inflammatory Plus with  CuraPro Q: If Bio-Inflammatory plus contains curcumin, why do you also recommend taking CuraPro

A: Bio-Inflammatory Plus Powder by Biogenesis Nutraceuticals does not contain curcumin.  The Bio-Inflammatory caps by BioGenesis do contain 150mg of turmeric (along with other helpful compounds that help with inflammation and detoxification), these can be taken for additional support or alone.  This is info as per Biogenesis:

IN ADDITION TO OUR BIOINFLAMMATORY PLUS FUNCTIONAL FOOD POWDER, BIOGENESIS OFFERS BIOINFLAMMATORY PLUS CAPSULES. These capsules can be used when a more intense anti-inflammatory treatment is desired. There is a limit to the amount of support nutrients that can be included in a powdered beverage and still produce a palatable product that people will consume. We have overcome this objection by producing a complementary product: BioInflammatory Plus capsules. Here only the specialty nutrients are included. This allows you to “beef up” your anti-inflammatory program. This will assist in more effective neutralization and removal of free radical inflammatory agents, metabolic waste products, heavy metals, solvents, and any number of chemical toxins. IF AN INCREASED ANTI-INFLAMMATORY ACTION IS DESIRED, USE BIOINFLAMMATORY PLUS CAPSULES ALONG WITH BIOINFLAMMATORY PLUS FUNCTIONAL FOOD POWDER AND THE BIOINFLAMMATORY PLUS DIET.

Here is a PDF from Biogenesis on these 2 products and more info on an anti-inflammatory diet:


You can certainly just take the Bioinflammatory products, but you can certainly add the CuraPro for additional support if needed.  CuraPro has a proven absorption for the curcumin and it will be absorbed much better than the turmeric in the Bioinflammatory capsules.  This is per CuraPro:

BCM-95® curcumin has been clinically tested and shown in published studies to have up to 10 times the bioavailability and greater blood retention time than standard 95% curcumin extracts, and 6.3 times more than curcumin complexed with lecithin and piperine.

CuraPro can be taken for occasional pain from exercise or overuse, or to support neurological health, curcumin acts as a potent antioxidant and supports a healthy response to inflammation.

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