Best Product for Excess Cortisol Production

Best Product for Excess Cortisol Production

Excess Cortisol ProductionQ. Can you recommend a product that helps reduce excess cortisol production?

A. If you have excess cortisol production, I have two recommendations.

AdrenoHS-SOD by BioGenesis. Please be aware this product has 20mg of lithium in it. Lithium is often prescribed by physicians for depressive disorders, headaches, and hyperthyroidism in higher amounts. But this is a low amount, it is not the same level as used in medications, however, there can be some interactions with some medications. If you are on any medications, please let me reference the medications you are on to make sure there would be no negative interactions you should be aware of when taking this product.

Catecholecalm by DFH. This helps balance cortisol and balance catechholemines, and is lithium free.

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