Benefits of Green Superfood Drinks

Benefits of Green Superfood Drinks

Green Superfood Drinks BenefitsQ. What are the benefits of taking a green superfood drink? If I already eat enough vegetables, are they necessary? I’ve heard some brands contain mostly fillers such as rice bran and lecithin. Which do you think is the best one in terms of the combination between nutritional density, taste, and price. I’ve tried a couple that just tasted like swamp water.

A. Green superfood drinks provide additional antioxidant support and nutrients to help aid the body’s protection of cellular damage, and the nutrients are important to support the liver’s detoxification process. Overall, these greens help the body maintain a more alkaline pH, which results in lowered risk for disease and lessens the burden of many of our organs to function in a healthier way. Enzymes that are provided in these green drinks help clean up unnecessary waste products and reduce inflammation in the body which can burden the body’s overall health over time.

One of our favorites is PaleoGreens because it is made from mostly certified organic ingredients. This comes in lemon-lime or mint flavors. Both are tasty, and sweetened with stevia. The fact that most of the ingredients in this are certified organic is reflected in the price. Design’s for Health reports one serving has equivalent antioxidant capacity to 4 servings of vegetables, based on ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity), a USDA-developed method for measuring antioxidant activity.

This is some further information from DFH: ” Unlike other greens products, we never add fillers or bulking agents (such as whole grasses, apple fiber or pectin, rice bran, or flax), which can greatly dilute nutritional potency and are a potential source of genetically modified material. Because the cellulose fiber in whole grass is indigestible, it prevents the grass’s valuable phytonutrients from being released in the digestive system. No alfalfa, a common ingredient in all other leading brands (which has been shown to cause autoimmune disease)”

Please see the link I’ve included for this product and to read our many customer reviews. PaleoGreens does contain organic rice flour and unbleached lecithin.

NanoGreens is also a nice greens mix. You get more powder for the money, but it doesn’t contain as many certified organic ingredients as PaleoGreens, though many are. There is only one flavor, and it has a mild taste and it is also sweetened with stevia. BioPharma Scientific states that NanoGreens supply the proven phytonutrition / antioxidant power of up to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables of all the colors. This is based on their independent lab test for ORAC values.

NanoGreens does not contain alfalfa either, but it does contain rice bran and lecithin. Both companies are very careful about their formulation techniques and are quality products.

This being said, it is great you are eating vegetables, current ADA recommendations are 9-13 servings daily of fruit and veggies for better health. This is a lot of servings, but if you do not get this in your diet, then you may want to consider supplementing with one of these greens products to get the additional nutritional support.

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