Bacterial vaginosis and IBS

Bacterial vaginosis and IBS

IBS and Bacterial vaginosis Q: I suffer from reoccurring bacterial vaginosis and IBS. I am trying so hard to eat right but it is hard to give up sugar.  I have tried several different probiotics over the past 12 years and have had extensive medical tests run on me. Everything from colonoscopy to endoscopy, and laparoscopy on my female parts, also a cystoscopy. The only thing they find wrong is the IBS and the reoccurring infections. I have a hard time moving my bowel so I drink miralax every day. I “feel” as if I have a bacterial imbalance in my body.

My medical doctor put me on oral antibiotic in October for a BV infection and I have been in pain ever since. Can you please help me?

A:Thank you for writing us at Rockwell Nutrition. I’m sorry to learn about all the difficulty you’ve had over the years, but I see that you just made a purchase of HLC Intensive, which is a good start!!  The IBS part can be a challenge.  Perhaps, you & I can do a consultation which would give me more time to put together a good diet and supplement program for specific you and provide you with more education regarding your health challenges?

For now, I would highly recommend that you please take a look at our BV Protocol.  There is a Starter Pack or a Complete Pack (see more info in the Description & Ingredients Tabs at the very least).  Based on all you have explained in your email, I’d recommend the Complete Pack for you.  Please take a few minutes to review these packages.  If you feel the Complete Pack is more than you can do right now due to cost, then get the Starter Pack and we can always add other helpful products to this package, by simply adding them to your shopping cart as you are checking out online.  If UTI’s continue to be a problem for you, I would recommend you also get this:

  • UT Synergy by DFH – take one capsule two times daily can be a helpful step in preventing them from occurring if you are prone to them.

I think you’ll see some good improvement in your IBS, UTI’s and BV if you went on the Complete Pack.

Once so much damage has occurred in the gut from years of taking antibiotics, it can take time to heal.  Additionally, here are some links for you to explore on recipes, and diets that can be nourishing for the damaged intestines, and healing them over time:

Simple Dinners Meal Plans

  • 3 Full Simple Dinner Menus Each Week
  • 1 Dessert of the Week
  • 1 Probiotic Fermented Food of the Week
  • 1 Soup of the Week
  • All whole foods, no refined or processed ingredients
  • Easy-to-follow Recipes
  • Simple to-do lists
  • Suitable for Gluten-/Grain/Dairy-/Soy-free and GAPS Diets
  • Most menus can be prepared in under 40 minutes

Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) Intro Diet Protocol
The most effective way to heal the intestines in children and adults is by implementing Dr. Campbell-McBride’s GAPS diet for 30 days or more. It is grain free, rich in healing fats, and contains specific carbohydrate which heal the gut and immune system. You will find this easy to follow guide very helpful with 30 days of menus.

Please consider purchasing a longer consultation with me in the future if you want more detailed, personal guidance.  You are also entitled to a complimentary 15-minute consult (email or phone) after you make you’re next purchase, just mark “yes” when you check out online that you want one.

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