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What is the single most important thing you can do to keep your infant or child healthy? Feed him the right foods of course! The problem is that most moms don’t really know what they should or should not be feeding their babies. Sure, there are books and recommendations by your Pediatrician. But are those correct and complete?

Has your Pediatrician researched the topic of infant nutrition recently? Statistics show that Drs don’t have time to learn more about nutrition than what they are taught in medical school, and what the big commercial baby food/formula companies teach them in office. Uh oh! Recipe for disaster. Here are some nutrition tips that you will NOT hear from your Pediatrician (unless he’s done his homework).

Mama and baby nutritionFATS are Good!
Is your child getting 6 Tablespoons of healthy fats per day?

From birth through 2 years of age, your infant should be getting 35-50% of calories from fat in his/her diet. This is roughly 6 Tablespoons of fats per day. Health problems such as constipation, diarrhea, gas, skin rashes, frequent colds, ear infections, hyperactivity, aggressiveness, can all be improved (and even prevented) using good nutrition.

Six Tablespoons may seem like a lot, but it just takes a few servings of coconut oil, avocado, cod liver oil, chicken, chicken liver, duck, fish, olive oil, raw grass-fed organic milk and butter (Grass fed contains CLA, vit A&D;). Read the full article here.

IntestinesPooping: It’s not “normal” for infants 6+months to go less than twice daily
Is your baby pooping enough?

Once eating solids, your baby should have soft formed poops at least twice per day. If they are runny or hard, or less than twice daily, it means there is something out of balance with his/her digestion.

Here are some tips: 1) Look into using a different milk. 2) Add more healthy fats daily since they lubricate and heal the intestines 3) add veggies/veggie puree a couple times a day, and remove any foods containing white flour, sugar, hydrogenated oil, and corn syrup (which they shouldn’t be having in the first place).

No Junk Food or Sweets. Ever!
It’s a bad idea to give infants the taste of junk and sugar.

DonutsMany moms feel it’s harmless to give their infants and toddlers some of junky food occasionally, or perhaps a small dessert now and then. You are setting yourself up for big problems! Not only is that junk going to affect their taste preferences, it will also damage their tiny growing bodies.

As a parent, you make the decisions on what your child eats. Why not always give them the absolute best foods? It will pay off tenfold with good health, no cavities, no braces (that’s right, good nutrition prevents need for braces! Next article will explain), and a strong immune system.

Research shows that the first 2 years of a child’s life is when they form many taste preferences. The more you give them certain types of foods, the more likely they will grow up to love them. So go for it: Brussels sprouts, broccoli, chicken livers, egg yolks, avocado, veggie soup, bone broths, meat, chicken, and cod liver oil.

It can take up to 10 “trials” of a new strong tasting food before they start liking it. Yet, one taste of refined sugar or junk, and the body is biologically programmed to like it and want more. Your little one is sure to turn down bitter tasting foods if he knows sweets are available.

Studies show that kids who are exposed to many different foods in the first couple years of life grow up choosing to eat more balanced and wide range of foods. This is a sharp contrast with most of today’s average kid who refuse to eat anything but macaroni, pizza, soda, and sweets.

The trick to getting them to eat healthy foods? Don’t introduce them to the junk until they are old enough to be taught general concepts like “good”, “bad”, or “not healthy”. At that point, educate them on what healthy foods are and how to choose the best ones. Reward them for turning down unhealthy options. “Good for you! You did it! You chose a healthy food for a snack.”

Be sure that you yourself are a good role model. Kids want to be like their parents and they will want to eat what you’re eating. Uh oh, guess that means YOU need to eat healthy too!

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