Arthrogenx, BioInflammation Plus, Recommended Cooking Oils

Arthrogenx, BioInflammation Plus, Recommended Cooking Oils

Arthrogenx or  BioInflammation Plus, Recommended Cooking OilQ: Can you take Arthrogenx with BioInflammation Plus?

A: These are similar products.  I would recommend going with either one or the other.  Main differences are in the amounts of the ingredients, and the Arthrogenx has Glucosamine Sulfate & Chondroitin-4-Sulfate (for joints), and the BioInflammatory Plus Capsules have L-glutamine & NAC (for gut & liver).  However, the BioInflammatory Plus Powderalso has Glucosamine sulfate 1,000 mg / 2 scoops, so if you took this you would also be getting some joint support, and you may want to cut down on the Arthrogenx to 2 caps / day instead of the recommended 4 caps.

Q: What oil do you suggest to cook with?

A: Olive oil (cold pressed organic), but not super high heat, good for sauteing or light pan frying.  Coconut oil (Coconut Oil 16 oz by Barlean’s Organic Oils) is a very good high heat oil, it adds flavor too – this particular one can take higher heat, and does not need to be refrigerated.  A little Butter from pasture-raised animals is good for flavor, but use sparingly, or Ghee (very healing to the gut).

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