Are vaginal suppositories still effective during menstrual flow?

Q: Is it true that I should insert vaginal suppositories when I’m not menstruating because otherwise, the blood would just saturate the product and cause it not to be as effective?

A. The Yeast Arrest Boric Acid suppositories and the CandaClear suppositories can and should be used during your menses since the pH of the vagina becomes more alkaline during your period from the blood, and BV seems to flourish in an alkaline vagina allowing symptoms to return. Thus, it seems very important to balnace the pH of the vagina. Although the suppository does not stay in as well or as long during menstruation, it definitely does help.
One of my clients with severe and reoccurring yeast infections uses it during her periods and says it has helped her tremendously. She usually gets a yeast infection right after her period, but the times she has used boric acid during menstruation she has prevented them.

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