Any product help a 1 yo with ear infections that are not helped by antibiotics?

Any product help a 1 yo with ear infections that are not helped by antibiotics?

Supplements for 1 yo with ear infections that are not helped by antibioticsQ. My 12 month old is battling another horrible ear infection and she has had 3 before this one. The antibiotics don’t seem to work. Can you help?

A. The most important thing you should be thinking about is WHY your baby is getting re-occurring ear infections. From my experience, 95% of infants with ear infections benefit from eliminating pasteurized cow dairy which is the most common allergen. It’s fascinating to see how powerful nutrition is in infants. Your baby can go from chronically ill to perfect health by just focusing on her nutrition.

Perhaps the only thing you need to do to get her better is eliminate the offending cause. Can you remove ALL pasteurized cow dairy from your baby’s diet for 1-3 months and see how she does? The reason is that pasteurized cow milk (which is the base for infant formula) contains some very strong allergens which cause an inflammatory reaction resulting in ear infections, skin conditions, asthma, and gastro-intestinal problems.

Your very best substitute for cow dairy based infant formula is RAW goat milk. Raw milk actually helps PREVENT ear infections while pasteurized milk tends to cause them. If you don’t know about raw milk, please read up on it. It has improved the life and health of countless babies and parents. It’s an amazing health food.

Read about benefits and safety of raw milk here.

If you live in Miami, I have started a Co-op to obtain it from a wonderful Amish farm. Read more details about the Miami Co-op, raw dairy and safety for infants here.

If you are not in Miami, your health food store (Whole Foods/Wild Oats) will carry it. It’s sometimes in the back and you have to ask for it. The label will say “for pet consumption”, but it’s just a Florida law. (In very health progressive states like California, for example, raw milk does not need to say “for pet consumption”). Or if you don’t want to get it at the health food store, you can have very high quality raw milk shipped to you from a number of farms around the country.

Your second best alternative if you cannot afford raw goat milk (which by the way is delicious and lasts 2-3 weeks in a cold fridge), is pasteurized goat milk found next to the regular milk at the supermarket. Click here to see what it looks like.

However, due to the ultra processing/pasteurization of this milk, it may also aggravate your baby’s ears. Yet it’s easier for infants to digest and more similar to breast milk.

Lastly, it is critical that you give your baby probiotics aka beneficial bacteria specific for infants. These good bacteria which keep your baby’s immune system strong, have all been killed off by the antibiotics. Now, with much of the good flora destroyed and immune system weakened, ear infections can occur more easily. Here is a page of info on a great brand of infant probiotics./p>

You should also read about homeopathic remedies for ear infections. They are the safest way to treat them in infants, and proven effective in numerous scientific trials over the years. The best known homeopathic ear remedy for infants is called Oto-Plex by Weber and Weber.

In brief, if you do not address the underlying cause of her ear infections by removing allergens and building up her immune system, the infections will continue to happen and your baby’s health will always suffer in one area or another. The reoccurring ear infections are a sign that “something is wrong” and causing her immune system to constantly battle. Getting tubes put in does not eliminate the offending cause.

I highly encourage you to try removing all cow dairy in her diet for at least 3 months and supplementing with probiotics, and use Oto-Plex. Side note, do not use soy milk. It is a poison for babies and linked to some horrible health problems. You can read more about dangers of soy for infants and kids here.

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