The Athlete’s Secret Weapon on the War Against Inflammation

The Athlete’s Secret Weapon on the War Against Inflammation

Secret Weapon on the War Against InflammationMarc Kroon is a baseball pitcher who was drafted by the New York Mets in 1991. Then, in 2000, he exploded his elbow. Doctors told him that the ligament and nerve damage he suffered would pretty much end his pitching career.

Kroon couldn’t even flex his elbow comfortably let alone play catch with his kids. But in 2004, after missing three seasons, he walked out on the field as a player for the Rockies. Pitching, I might add, 97-mile-per hour fastballs. Alan Schwartz in Baseball America called it the “best comeback story of 2004.”

“I think it was all the enzymes,” Kroon has said.

The Power of Enzymes…

Enzymes are biochemical catalysts. They’re the body’s little “dealmakers,” joining with one molecule and converting it into another molecule. An enzyme fits into its target molecule like a key fitting into a lock, does its magic, and then jumps out to live on and do its work somewhere else, leaving a changed (catalyzed) molecule in its wake.

Almost everything that happens in a cell requires enzymes—by some accounts about 4,000 biochemical reactions are catalyzed by them.

No vitamin, mineral, or hormone can perform effectively in the human body without the involvement of enzymes. Enzymes play a key role in the functioning of a strong immune and cardiovascular system, a healthy central nervous system, and optimal hormonal balance in the body.

But as we age, increase our medications, and continue to eat a crummy diet, our enzymes get depleted. This can ultimately leave you with a variety of health issues.

Digestive Enzymes versus Systemic Enzymes…

You’re probably familiar with digestive enzymes, which work on the food you eat and help your body break it down into smaller units (like fatty acids, glucose, and the like) that your body can use.

But there are other enzymes in the body as well. These are known as systemic enzymes.

Systemic enzymes break down a number of biochemicals that are intimately involved in pain and inflammation. These systemic enzymes are what allowed pitcher Marc Kroon to pitch again.

“Systemic enzymes exert their beneficial effects at a cellular level, replenishing, in advanced years, the declining reservoir of naturally occurring enzymes in cells,” says Aftab J. Ahmed, PhD.

The Athlete’s Secret Weapon…

You don’t take systemic enzymes the way you take digestive enzymes. You actually take them away from meals, on an empty stomach. Why? Because proteolytic enzymes digest something very different from food—they “digest” little pain-causing compounds called circulating immune complexes.

Here’s how it works: When your gut is functioning optimally, it keeps everything out of the bloodstream that doesn’t belong. The gut digests and breaks down your food and sends the nutrients extracted into the bloodstream.

But when the gut walls become somewhat permeable—a condition we call “leaky gut”—stuff gets through that doesn’t belong.

Particles that aren’t completely broken down get through the barrier and enter the bloodstream. The immune system sees them and puts up a red flag, essentially saying, “Hey, this stuff doesn’t belong here! Alert!” It then sends out antibodies to deal with what it sees as invaders, and these antibodies attach to the offending particles, forming what’s called a circulating immune complex (CIC).

These CICs are the cause of all sorts of problems and mischief, starting, but not ending with, achy joints and general joint pain.

Systemic enzymes like Vitalzym and VitalzymXe go after these particles. You don’t need them to digest your food—you need them to go after the food that escaped undigested, joined with the immune system antibodies, created CICs, and wreaked havoc throughout the body.

The Drugs of the Future…

In arthritis, certain kinds of immune system cells penetrate the joint and attack the cartilage. These invaders—activated immune cells—produce a whole bunch of inflammatory chemicals known collectively as cytokines.

These cytokines in turn trigger more inflammation, the destructive process continues and eventually you’re left with pain, swelling, and loss of joint movement.

Systemic enzymes actually help reduce the production of the inflammatory cytokines and may prevent further destruction of the cartilage.

“Systemic enzymes help to reduce local pain and regional swelling and gradually improve joint function,” Ahmed says. “They empower the body to heal itself.”

Enzymes allow you to work with your body to suppress inflammation without allowing the damage and joint destruction to proceed. Drugs, on the other hand, frequently suppress the symptoms while allowing your joint to continue to deteriorate.

“Enzymes are truly the drug of the future,” Gary Gordon, MD, says. “Our problem now is to get doctors to learn this.”

Well, doctors may not realize this yet, but now you do. And to make sure you have an opportunity to take advantage of the same kind of enzymes that allowed Marc Kroon to pitch again, we are offering a discount on our favorites this week.

Vitalzym (Regular Strength) by World Nutrition

This is one of the best anti-inflammatory enzyme products on the market. It was recently redesigned to be twice as strong as the original formulation. It contains all of the key systemic enzymes you need to fight inflammation, eliminate CICs, and reduce pain.

If you have a moderate amount of inflammation, scar tissue, and/or pain, try this product. 

Vitalzym XE (Professional Strength) by World Nutrition

For more advanced cases of pain and inflammation. This professional formulation was specifically designed for people that have more than moderate chronic inflammation, scar tissue, and/or pain. It is more powerful than the regular strength formula.

Important Note: We are allowed to sell this professional strength supplement by special permission from the manufacturer. Therefore you must be logged in to your Rockwell account to view the pricing (and discount) information on this product. 

Vitalzym Cardio by World Nutrition

The perfect formula if you suffer from cardiovascular issues, inflammation, and/or poor circulation. This proprietary blend contains heart healthy enzymes that support blood cleansing, artery cleansing, reduced inflammation, proper heart function, improved circulation, and more.

Systemic enzymes are one of my personal secret weapons in the fight against inflammation. Take it from Marc Kroon, they have the power to help with miraculous recoveries.


Yours in health and wellness,

The Rockwell Nutrition Team


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