7-Keto DHEA and Weight Loss

7-Keto DHEA and Weight Loss

Weight Loss and 7-Keto DHEA Does 7-Keto DHEA help with weight loss? The short and sweet answer is YES!

In studies where subjects are put on restricted diets and were made to exercise, those who took 7-Keto DHEA lost more weight compared to those who only took placebos. Various studies confirm that 7-Keto helps speed up metabolism, which in turn could lead to weight loss.

Dr. Oz includes 7-Keto in his list of “best belly-blasting supplements.”


Thermogenesis is just a fancy name for heat generation. Our bodies generate heat and 7-Keto is considered to be the “primary thermogenic hormone,” or simply the hormone that activates heat generation in the body. When the body generates more heat, it also increases metabolism. This helps with weight loss.

Sometimes, even if you increase your metabolism, you won’t lose weight, but that’s okay. Replacing body fat with lean muscle will make you feel better.


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