4 Natural Ways to Prevent the Flu

Prevent the Flu in 4 Natural Ways Is it luck, or is my 2 year old daughter equipped with one heck of an immune system from the great stuff I give her?

She’s one of the only kids at her school who has never been really sick. Never an ear infection, no flu, just a mild cold, and nothing but a quick fever and she fights anything off in 24 hours.

Am I bragging? Ok, just a little 🙂 But I’m telling you, it’s not luck. It’s knowing the right things about health and nutrition which protect you and your family. And in the last 12 years studying nutrition, I’ve learned a thing or two.

In this newsletter, I want to share my secrets with you on how to strengthen the immune system and prevent the flu.

To your health,
Annika Rockwell, CN

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News You Can Use: 4 Natural Ways to Prevent the Flu

Boost your Immune System with
FOUR Natural and Effective Ways to Prevent the Flu

THE FLU! Oh NOOOOO! I’m tired of hearing about the Swine Flu. Forget about all the media HYPE on the vaccine. Here’s what you need to do protect yourself…

Activate your immune system and allow it to work for you. These strategies are EFFECTIVE and easier than you may think.

protein foods1.) Increase Protein
Did you know most people in the US are not eating enough quality protein? Protein is the main macro-nutrient needed for the immune system to function optimally, so if you don’t get enough, your immune function can suffer. Be sure to get 3-6 oz of clean lean protein per meal.

It’s always best to choose organic grass-fed beef or wild-game, or free-roaming chicken and eggs since organic means more nutrients and less toxins. And if you want amazing seafood, try my favorite clean and pure Alaskan fish from Vital Choice.

Protein Fruit SmoothieBut if you’re in hurry, some great sources of healthy protein are organic whey protein powder for a delicious smoothie, and gluten-free protein bars. Keep them on hand for a convenient meal or snack.

2.) Eat Colorful Foods
Each color of the food rainbow contains a distinct class of nutrients and antioxidants. Make sure that throughout the day you’re getting some reds, oranges, greens, purples, yellows and whites. This will ensure maximum antioxidant support and an alkalizing effect on your system. If you’re having trouble getting all those colorful foods each day, do what the nutritionists do, and drink your PaleoGreens and PaleoReds Powder. These are delicious and easy to give kids!

veggies3.) Get Good Sleep
No matter how wonderful your diet and supplement program are, your body will always function better with adequate rest. Thus, if you’re having trouble relaxing or falling asleep, consider a natural sleep support called Sleep Aide.

You can also practice meditation to maximize your restful sleep, and try sleeping with a lavender pillow or rubbing calming oils into your skin before bed. For more personalized sleep support strategies, contact us for a consultation.

Muco-coccinum104.) Take Muco Coccinum once a week and AHCC daily
These two immune boosting supplements are nothing short of amazing! Keep these sublingual tablets in your medicine cabinet at all times for yourself and your kids and take one tablet weekly of Muco-Coccinum.

That’s right, just one per week. Pretty easy. Let it melt under your tongue. It’s safe for everyone in your family including infants and the elderly.

Better yet, this homeopathic remedy is inexpensive and incredibly effective. Research shows it will significantly protect you against many flu strains. Check out the amazing Testimonials from our clients who have used this product for years and found it protected them and their family quite well.

AHCC-ImmunokinokoMuco Coccinum can be taken preventatively in addition to taking a multi-vitamin and omega-3s. Yet, if you feel like you’re
coming down with something, they can be taken every 3 hours until symptoms subside.

Another favorite immune supplement we all use around here is called ImmunoKinoko-AHCC. It’s an incredible medicinal mushroom product from Japan which is regularly used in over 700 of their hospitals and clinics. The scientific research on this product is outstanding! And I’ve personally visited their impressive manufacturing facility in Japan.

Take 2 per day for powerful protection against a host of pathogens. Read the full article and videos on Immunokinoko-AHCC here.

Now that you know HOW,
it’s time to prevent yourself from getting miserably sick!
Protect yourself and your family by keeping these two powerful supplements in your medicine cabinet AT ALL TIMES, take AHCC daily and Muco Coccinum weekly, and at first sign of a cold or flu, take them every 3 hours until symptoms disappear.

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Best of health,

Annika Rockwell, CN Julie Haugen, MS, RD, LD/N

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