3 Ways to Pick the Perfect Omega-3

3 Ways to Pick the Perfect Omega-3

Perfect Omega-3, 3 Ways to Pick The growing scientific research proving health benefits of Omega-3 fish oils is nothing
short of astounding.
They are a powerful way to safely improve chronic inflammatory health problems like
asthma and arthritis, and instrumental for nourishing the brain, skin, and immune system.

If you don’t already take Omega-3s then you are really missing out! Every one of our
clients whotakes their Omegas has noticed a significant difference in their health,
skin, and hair.
The big question is not “Should you take Omega-3s” but
“Are you taking the right ones?”

After 12 years studying in the nutrition industry, I’ve figured out the most simple way
to help my clients choose the best Omega-3 for their needs.
Here is a video I made to help you.

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How Do I Choose the Right Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplement?

There are three main points to consider when deciding which fish oil to take:

1) A Brand Free of Contaminants: Quality and Purity
It is imperative that you choose a brand of Omega-3 supplement that tests
their oils for contaminants such as PCB’s, dioxins, mercury and other heavy
metals. At Rockwell Nutrition, we only recommend Omega-3 supplements from
companies who routinely perform contamination testing.
Pharmax, Genestra, DFH, and Nordic Naturals are all excellent brands of Fish Oils.

2) Liquid, Capsules or Emulsified Liquid?
You will make your best decision by considering who will be taking the fish oil.

Liquids: Finest Pure Liquid Fish Oil by Pharmax offers the best price for
quantity, and most EPA and DHA per serving. Easy to take higher doses with ease since 1 tsp equals 4 capsules. Thus, liquid is ideal for those with
arthritis and inflammatory conditions of the gut or skin. It mixes
easily into smoothies, applesauce, or yogurt with no noticeable taste
(slight orange or lemon essence).
Liquids like Finest Pure Liquid Fish Oil can also be taken right off the spoon.

Capsules: Finest Pure Fish Oil Capsules are Ideal for those who travel or do not
like taking the liquid by the spoonful or in their smoothie. The gel
capsules are large, but slide down easily. It is harder to get larger
therapeutic doses when taking capsules since you will need to take
such large quantities (4+ caps 3x daily), but they sure are practical!

Emulsified Liquids: Emulsified Finest Pure Fish Oil is ideal for those who
have digestive issues or tend to burp up the oils. Emulsified liquids like
Emulsified Finest Pure Fish Oil taste like candy due to added fruit sugar,
so perfect for those with taste aversions. The key benefit is that emulsified
oils are 50% better absorbed than regular liquid or capsules, so taking 1/2
the dose of EPA/DHA is perfectly fine.

3) Fish oil or Cod Liver Oil?
Ultimate Cod Liver Oil Liquid The big difference between the two is that Fish Oil
contains just the Omega-3s EPA and DHA while Cod Liver Oil contains
smaller quantities of EPA per serving plus has Vitamin A and D.
Remember-Vitamin A and D are ideal for brain and immune system development
of toddlers and kids (not to mention adults!).
If you’re looking for more Omega-3s per serving, go for fish oils.
If you want to boost your Vitamin A&D; levels along with getting higher
levels of DHA per serving, go for the Ultimate Cod Liver Oil.

Client Question
Q: Why do I burp after taking the oils?
A: It’s a sign that your digestion needs help to digest the oil. Try taking your fish oil
with or after meals to see if this helps. Or take it with a lipase enzyme (Lipase #5)
which helps it break down in your gut. Improving your digestion will improve your
absorption of all nutrients including Omega-3s!

Client Feedback on Liquid Fish Oil by Pharmax

Pleasant taste and I feel great!
“I ordered Finest Pure Liquid Fish Oil Liquid because I hate taking lots of pills.
My sister warned me to
be careful because these types of oils have strong aftertastes.
This product has only a pleasant
orange taste and no fishy taste at all.
I love it and I have noticed an improvement in my well-being
since I started taking it.
Will be back for more.”

-U.I. from Mineola, NY

Cured my Depression!
“I am a customer of yours and take the Pharmax Finest Pure Liquid Fish Oil that cured
my depression. I think I was lacking the Omega 3’s since I had been on anti-depressants
for 6+ years. It took 9 months of taking 1-2 TBS/day but I haven’t needed anti depressants
for 3 years now, YEAH!”
– Brittany from Coral Gables, FL

We’re Here For YOU!

Need help finding the best fish oil for your needs? Check out our Consultation Page for
information on scheduling a consultation with our Licensed Nutritionist to answer your questions.


Let’s Make 2010 the Best Year It Can Be! To your Health!

Why Are Omega-3 Fatty Acids So Important?

Omega-3 Fatty Acids (sometimes referred to as fish oil) are important for a wide
range of functions in the body:


  • Promotes healthy skin and hair
  • Prevents & fights infections by enhancing immune system
  • Reduces inflammation & arthritis pain
  • Helps children with ADHD, Autism and brain health in general.
  • Enhances overall health & wellness
  • Helps prevent cancer, heart disease, atherosclerosis, & stroke
  • Lowers triglycerides & cholesterol
  • Helps asthma by reducing inflammation in lungs
  • Critical during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Growth and development, cell membrane integrity, nervous system structure
  • Maintenance and creation of various hormones and immune system components
  • Click to read hundreds of research studies proving the benefits of Omega 3s

When choosing a fish oil, you should look for a brand that frequently tests their product for contaminants such as PCB’s, dioxins, mercury and other heavy metals.
Of course, at Rockwell Nutrition,all of our Omega 3 products are of the highest quality and we only represent companies who follow the highest standards of quality control.
We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions about which Omega-3 is right for you and your family. Just email us at mynutritionist@rockwellnutrition.com
or call Toll Free 866-757-4500 x705.

Health & Happiness,
Julie Haugen, MS, RD, LD/N
Annika Rockwell, CN

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