3 Reasons to Get More Protein

get more protein

3 Important Reasons to Consume More Protein

Did you know that healthy protein intake gives you more energy, better immunity and improved weight control?

The problem is, most of us don’t even realize we are not getting enough. Are YOU one of them?

You already know you need protein in a healthy diet, but do you know just how critical this nutrient is for your health? After water, protein is the single most common component of your body. Everything – from muscles to blood to organs – need a plentiful supply of complete proteins for optimal health. This single nutrient:

  • Offers immune-boosting effects and is necessary for optimum wellness
  • Raises protective HDL cholesterol
  • Lowers triglycerides
  • Improves insulin action and blood sugar balance
  • Promotes lean muscle growth, creates satiety and assists weight management

Meanwhile, insufficient protein leads to:

  • Low energy and fatigue
  • A weak immune system, making you more susceptible to colds, the flu, other infections and certain diseases
  • Slow metabolism
  • Low blood sugar
  • And can contribute to the onset of heart disease, osteoporosis and other conditions

Whew! Who knew a single nutrient could have such a powerful impact on your health! So the question is, are you getting enough protein?

 You need more protein when you are:

  • Fatigued
  • Stressed
  • in flu season, currently or recently ill or suffering from a health condition (i.e., your immune system is under strain)
  • Engaged in athletic or strenuous physical activities like sports and exercise
  • Following a special diet

Ultimately, virtually everyone will enjoy the energizing, health-boosting benefits with a few extra ounces of protein a day.

Whey protein powder is the single best way to boost your protein intake: It mixes easily into healthy smoothies, digests quickly and easily and provides the full complement of amino acids along with critical immune-system boosting components (like immunoglobulin).

Problem is, not all proteins are created equal.

But even whey protein supplements can vary dramatically in healthfulness. The way proteins are processed can damage them; and damaged proteins are harder to digest, absorb and use. Worse, you’re more likely to suffer an allergic reaction from damaged proteins! So what’s a nutrition-conscious person to do? How do you get enough protein, and make sure that protein is optimized for your health and well-being?

Our recommendation: Whey Cool Protein

Whew Cool ProteinWhy is Whey Cool the way to go? Let’s look at some of the common issues with protein, and how Whey Cool solves them.

Problem: Inability to get sufficient protein from a regular diet, and in proper proportion to other nutrients.

Whey Cool Protein is a super-easy way to get healthy protein into your diet in whatever amount you require. It’s pretty much pure protein which mixes easily into any beverage of your choice. Plus, Whey Cool tastes great too.

Problem: Many natural sources of protein are incomplete.

Whey Cool Protein contains the full range of biologically active, complete amino acid profile. Even protein from whole foods doesn’t necessarily give you a complete protein, or all of the essential amino acids that make up proteins. Some amino acids may be missing, or present only in scant proportions. This is particularly true of vegetarian sources of protein.

Problem: Over-processing damages proteins.

Whey Cool Protein is minimally processed, meaning it’s not subjected to temperatures that would destroy or deform the original components. In fact, high heat processing can cause lactose intolerance even in individuals who have no history of milk allergies!

Other aspects of protein processing can also damage the proteins. You may have heard some of these terms for protein supplements: cross-flow filtration, microfiltration, ultra filtration, hydrolyzation and ion-exchange methods.

Forget ’em all. They’re basically fancy ways of saying the protein has been damaged (i.e., denatured), which is not a good thing. Whey Cool eschews all that for a pure, less processed protein.

Problem: Most proteins don’t meet organic standards for either your health or the environment’s.

Whey Cool is a protein you can feel safer and better about consuming because you’re helping the environment as well as yourself. It’s produced with milk harvested from cows that graze on pesticide- and chemical-free natural grass pastures. Milk from grass-fed cows is much more nutritious than milk from grain-fed cows because it contains much higher levels of CLA, a healthful essentia
l fatty acid. In addition, these cows are never subjected to any growth hormone treatment, antibiotics, genetically modified organisms, hyper-immunization or injected pathogens.

Problem: Most whey protein supplements contain numerous additives, chemicals and artificial sweeteners which are not optimum for a healthy diet.

Whey Cool Protein doesn’t add any extraneous filler. It simply offers the full range and exceptional levels of the most important protein components in a pure, clean, minimally processed protein.

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